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antinous's Journal

Ronen Sonis
30 December 1972
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Thou hast nor youth nor age
But as it were an after dinner sleep
Dreaming of both.

Welcome to my virtual abode! A few simple notes and requests seem to be in order:

1) Anyone may comment on the entries. If I don't know you, please state your first name. If you wish to remain anonymous, just make up a name or a nickname.

2) Any lj-user may add me to his or her Friends List without asking my permission first.

3) Most of the entries in my journal are in Hebrew. However, you may leave comments in English and Russian also. Send me an E-Mail if you have something private to say.

4) These are the topics of my journal:

about books and periodicals
yesterday's bookshelf
about poetry
about translation
oulipian exercises
poetry (original)
poetry (translated)
prose (translated)

5) Translations are almost always presented next to the original work, or a link to it. I take Copyright issues seriously - please do the same.

6) Please: avoid off-topic comments - send me an E-Mail instead, use search engines before asking trivial questions, be civil even if you think I'm wrong.